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I Was a Teenage Zombie
Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here
Ongoing Experiments 
28th-Nov-2011 07:53 pmFevered Rantings
Happy 28th to everyone! I hope it's happy, anyway. It would be sad otherwise. I'd hate for people to be sad.

My last quarter of school is alllllllllllllllmost over! I'm so excited!!! Well, I'm not excited for the finals or anything, but I am excited that I'm almost done. I'll get to graduate with a degree! Weird, huh? If only they'd let me major in zombification....

Oh well! Christmas is coming too, which is totally awesome! I've been having fun planning stuff and buying stuff and making all sorts of fun lists for what I want. It's going to be so fun! And I've been working hard on figuring out what to put into Yelp's stocking since I got his. Suerte got mine, so that should be interesting!

I have to go finish up some homework. Poo. It's always hanging over me. But not for much longer! I'll be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
10th-Nov-2011 10:59 pmFevered Rantings
How was everyone's Halloween!? Mine was AMAZING!!! It was such a great day! The night was even better!

I set up some fun stuff in our front and back yards that was all scary and stuff, and we got lots of people there trying it out! Daddy was thrilled! I couldn't believe he actually said I could do it. He usually doesn't! But he did this year, I think because my mom talked him into it. She's the best!!

So we had a bunch of people go through it and they called friends to do it and it was just a lot of fun! I think I totally outdid myself this year. I have longer to plan next time. Since the wedding is on Halloween, I have to skip that stuff, but that's okay. That gives me TWO YEARS to come up with more! Though I suppose it partly depends on where we're living then. We'll have to see!!

School's a drag, probably mostly because it's my last quarter and feels like it's taking forever! But I'll soon be done, and then we'll see what happens. I even have a couple of possibilities. I'm very excited!

Okay! Studying a little more and then going to beeeeed. Night everyone!!!!!
27th-Oct-2011 12:09 amFevered Rantings
I should be in bed. I'm going there after I write this. I was up really late last night working on homework, and just got finished with more. This last quarter is killing me! I'm soooo looking forward to the end, and it's getting closer every second!

Even better, Halloween is almost here! Less than a week! Isn't that AWESOME!?!? I'm so excited!!! I've been working hard on decorating for us and for others, and I know they all appreciate it very much. They should! It's lots of work, even if it is lots of fun! I just can't wait until Halloween gets here! I wish it could last longer than just one day, though. It should be at least a week long! It's just that awesome!

I'm not going to go into certain other things much. I shouldn't at all. Things are the way they are, and it could be lots worse. I'm glad it's not, for Damien's sake and Skyler's sake. Things will turn out all right in the end. They have to. I demand it!

Okay, I think I'm ready to sleep. One more day closer to the best day of the year!
9th-Oct-2011 09:37 pmFevered Rantings
I Heart Zombies!

I hope you all had a happy World Zombie Day yesterday! What an awesome idea for a day! Lots of zombie things going on all month!

Halloween is so close. I can't wait! I've been decorating like crazy, and it's been lots of fun. It's a great way to distract my mind! School does okay with it, but well, it's not quite good enough. But my favorite holiday is perfect for it!

I've been helping people figure out costumes. Especially kids! And I've gotten all sorts of cool stuff to help. I LOVE the Spirit Store! They have so much cool stuff there! My dad groaned when I told him I wanted to go get stuff there. Right before my mom handed over her debit card! Poor daddy. You'd think I took his last dime! He said he can't wait until Damien and I have to take the responsibility for financing my obsessions. Isn't he funny?!

I need to go finish some homework, so I have to cut this short. I might even actually do the homework instead of getting distracted! You never know!
24th-Sep-2011 09:22 pmFevered Rantings
I don't think I'm going to make a very long post, but we'll see. I'm kind of distracted right now. If people have read Damien's journal, they know why. If not, well, you can read Damien's journal, I guess.

I started school again this week, and it's going pretty well. I think I'm going to have a mostly easy last quarter. Lots of work in one class, but it's not hard work and shouldn't take too long to do. Then I'll be out of school and trying to get a job. I still might try to go for my Master's, but if I do, it'll be next school year. I don't mind a little while off.

I guess I'm going to cut it short there. I'm at Damien's and I don't want to take a lot of time away from him. He's having kind of a tough time, so I want to be here for him.
13th-Sep-2011 09:49 amFevered Rantings
Frankenstein Monster
Hi! I'm thrilling everyone with another riveting Bridget post! You can all thank me later if you want. Well, you'll probably have to since I'm writing this now and you won't read it for awhile at least, so yeah!

I'm sitting here cuddled up with poor sick Skyler. Poor baby. I hate when kids are sick, don't you? It's awful! And he's so cute in his misery. I think he's almost asleep again. I've prepared to stay right here as long as I'm needed!

I hope I don't have to go to the bathroom anytime soon. Maybe I shouldn't drink too much. We'll see! Tamika's here to help, so I should be fine with it.

School starts soon. Boo! But then, it's my last quarter, so that's good! I suppose I'll have to decide what to do after that. I've thought about grad school, but I don't know. It's probably the smart thing to do, especially with it being so hard to find jobs. We'll see where it goes. I'll probably decide on the spur of the moment, like I so almost everything else!

The DVD is over. I wonder what I should do now. I don't want to watch TV. I'll see if Tamika wants to watch another movie and we can watch it together. That sounds like fun!

Going now! Much to do! Byyyyeeee!!
28th-Aug-2011 01:29 amFevered Rantings
I Heart Zombies!
Long day! But a good day! I not only got to go to Penny's birthday party, my cousin Mandy and her fiance and her mom got into town today, so I got to see them! Mandy's always fun to be around, and I've always liked her mom. And Russ is awesome! She was all excited to talk to me about the wedding, and she was talking about what she wants for hers! I hope she gets to set a date and stick with it soon!

It's been hot here lately, so I've been sticking to air conditioning as much as possible. Penny's party was partly outside though, but at least they have some nice shade at the Denny house. There was food and fun and it was great! Penny always looks in awe at times like this, and she gets so excited when she opens gifts. It's so cool! I'm glad she found a family that would make her so happy, and a boyfriend too! Duante's just very sweet to her. She deserves that, and he deserves someone so sweet. Perfect match! Almost as perfect as me and Damien!

I'm going to go to sleep now so I can spend as much time with Mandy tomorrow as possible. I have to bug her! That's what cousins are for!
9th-Aug-2011 02:18 amFevered Rantings
I'm just writing a short post tonight! I'm BUSHED! And I'm not sure when I'll get time to do it after this!

Lots of wedding planning, which most of you might be getting tired of. Especially since most of you are here and get updates in person, too! But it's been lots of fun, and nobody's complained, so that's good! Planning stuff with Madison is very cool too. She's really looking forward to being the flower girl!

Okay, I told you this is going to be short, and it is! I need to go to beeeeed. I'll probably even sleep late tomorrow! Never know!

22nd-Jul-2011 05:18 pmFevered Rantings
WHEW! What a day!

I just got back from doing all sorts of things, and I may be down to my last reserves of energy!

Well, probably not, but drama's fun sometimes, don't you think?

I was nice and ran some errands for my mom today, and that took me all over the place. She would've had to take up a lot of the weekend doing them herself, and well, it's always good to suck up to your mom, right?! Especially when she's helping pay for a wedding!

I've decided on the second color, in case anyone's interested (I never know without comments, you know). It's going to be silver! My mom and I went last weekend to try some things out, and it was her idea to try silver, and I think it looks perfect! It's going to be so pretty! Sometimes I wish I didn't have to wait for over a year, but then I realize how much work still has to be done and how much I still have to do to make you all tired of wedding talk!

Kristy and I went out awhile back to do some browsing and stuff since she's getting married too, and it was fun! She's always hyper too, so it worked out very well! Her colors are really pretty too! Aren't weddings great?

Oh! Mom's home! I have to tell her how good I was today!
13th-Jul-2011 06:39 pmFevered Rantings
My feet hurt!

I just got back after HOURS of shopping! Well, I didn't shop for the whole time, but I browsed a lot! I think I've been over more of the area today than I have in six months combined! I even went across the border to Idaho to do some of it. I even took Skyler around with me and so was taking care of him while shopping! I've never done that before. I usually have someone else with me when I go out with one of the kids, but it was a lot of fun taking him out and about. We had a nice lunch that he loved, and it was great!

And for all that work, I didn't even get much! I did get ideas and stuff because I have wedding fever and all that and so I have to look and think and plan constantly, but I didn't buy much. See how much self-control I have?! People should be proud of me!

I still haven't decided on the other color for the wedding. It's hard! And nobody gave me ideas. How can I do this alone?! I'm so not good at this sort of thing! I'm lucky Madison was happy to give me input on the purple! I guess I'll come up with something, though. Mom said we should go look at fabric swatches and match them together to see how I like them, so I'm planning on doing that. It'll be fun going with her! And we'll drag Kayla along because she needs to get out more! Younger sisters are so frustrating, don't you think?

Okay, dinnertime! Mom's calling! Got to go! Byyyyyyyyyyyye!!!!
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